Hosted by Susan

Photo by Chris Bauer

Chris Faroe believes in the power of observation and listening, not because it’s nice but because his experience taught him it's necessary. A decade ago he was dedicated full-time to his work as a musician when the needs of his “mammalian body” started calling out for his attention in the form of a health issue, and he had to come to terms with pivoting to a non-vocal trade. These days he speaks with passion about the power of starting with intensive observation to design a life that allows you to sustainably offer the unique and creative gift you are called to offer the world. In this interview, we discuss the deep, political questions embedded in his evocative song Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo. It’s about where we are going and how and what’s the cost of that. We explore experiences of being awake and alive with the recognition that these times are not necessarily full of comfort and ease, and may instead entail a lot of challenge and hard work. We discuss the flourishing of human creativity that emerges from the Creative Mapping Project where he supports intentional design of our lives, our work and our projects by starting with clarity about what’s most important to us. And we wrap up with an invitation to spend 5 minutes a day engaging in a simple practice that has transformative potential…something to try on as we welcome a new year.