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2021 Annual Report 2021

A Message from the Board President

A community is only as strong as the connections that bind us together and it is with that thought that the Board of Directors of Radio Kingston presents our 2021 Annual Report.

The idea behind Radio Kingston has always been to reflect the community back to itself. In order to do that though, there must be an image in the mirror and that image is the many voices that make up the one community of Kingston.

A Board of Directors is tasked with many things, including keeping the mission of the organization they steward on track. One way to do that is to look back at the year past and measure ourselves against our mission.

We thank the staff and hosts of Radio Kingston, for their efforts in supporting that same mission.

Micah Blumenthal, Board President




COVID-19 & Informing Our Community

January 2021 saw the continuation of the pandemic with an upsurge in COVID-19 cases and with a vaccine still months away. Radio Kingston continued to support public health initiatives with audiovisual equipment and human resources that enabled County Executive Pat Ryan to deliver twice-weekly COVID-19 information broadcasts live to Facebook. The Radio Kingston support included informational graphics in the presentation as well as simultaneous Spanish language and American Sign Language during the broadcasts. We continued to support the City of Kingston’s public health efforts with a remote setup for Mayor Steve Noble. Every Tuesday at 5 pm the mayor went live to the City and Radio Kingston Facebook pages from his desk at City Hall, using the equipment we provided, as well as technical training for city staff to operate it.

Informing Our Community

Radio Kingston continued to maintain a rigorous in-studio COVID-19 policy for show hosts and many stayed remote until vaccinations began in April. We were able to support hosts working remotely by providing broadcast-quality headset/microphones along with external sound cards for use on home computer systems, laptops, or even iPads. Our broadcast operations team supported the learning needed for hosts to effectively connect to the radio station via Zoom and thus reduce the chance of potential spread of the coronavirus.



Our New Studios

2021 was the home stretch for the construction of our new studios at 693 Broadway and the move over to them was made in early July. With most of the staff fully vaccinated and a station policy of fully vaccinated guests for entry into the new studios, we – like many others – anticipated a return to the pre-pandemic hustle and bustle of a very active facility.

However, the Delta and Omicron variants appeared locally and we referred back to an essential – people – only protocol for station access. One of our main hopes for 2022 is the ability to once again welcome the community to the new studios.



The intention of having the studios in the 1855 Bonesteel House was its proximity to Broadway and that the three large windows allowed studio hosts and guests to see the City flow, mere feet away from people creating radio content for Kingston. Despite the COVID-19 setbacks in opening the studios to more people, that vision has been realized for the hosts who have regular access to the studios: it’s a stunning feeling to give a weather forecast and then watch it happen before your eyes, to wave to someone walking by as they peer into the studios, to watch the Broadway Streetscape construction continue and finish, and to imagine a day not far away from where the property is finished and we’re able to host a gathering of community members as a live broadcast audience.

695 Broadway

Community Campus Expansion

The continuing property work in 2021 included the near-completion of the house at 13 Franklin Street:

  • An open first-floor plan is designed to be utilized by the Hodge Center next door while the 2nd floor has additional office space and a podcast/video editing room.
  • The annex building behind the main studios will be finished in 2022 and be home to storage space for the many pieces of audio-video gear used by our Tech Team to support local organizations hosting events.

*See, below, for a list of the events and organizations we supported in 2021


Our capital projects will continue in 2022 as well. As noted above, work will be completed on 13 Franklin Street in early Spring while at the same time construction will begin on 695 Broadway. Local architect Scott Dutton has designed a space that acknowledges the origins of the building in the early 1950s as an Atlantic Gas and Oil service station. The building will be fully upgraded and will include an audio and video setup that will allow for live broadcasts and performances of many varieties. 695 will also provide a gathering space for community meetings and could even potentially serve as a recording studio for local talent.

Who We Are (Becoming!)

2021 saw a redefining of how Radio Kingston sees its role in Kingston. First and foremost we are a radio station that broadcasts over 50 shows weekly on two frequencies (1490 AM/107.9 FM) and online through our website and app. Our archives, accessible through the website and app, hold almost all of our content, which includes legacy programming such as:

  • “Warren in the Morning” (Warren celebrates 49 years at WKNY in March 2022)
  • “The Irish Show” (nearly 40 years & 2021 also saw the passing of longtime co-host and beloved community member Bill Yosh)
  • “Polka Time Sunday” (celebrating 73 years on the air in April 2022)
  • “Morning Meditations with Rev Charles Stickley” (on air for almost 50 years)
  • “Sporttalk with Dan Reinhard” (51 years and counting)

…and includes Radio Kingston’s latest additions to the broadcast lineup:

  • “First Voices Radio with Tiokasin Ghosthorse”
  • “The Cosmic Dispatch with Cory Nakasue”
  • “The Intergalactic Cosmic Boogie Down” with Aru Apaza
  • “Buenos Dias Kingston” with Perla Ayora

Serving Our Community

We are also a service organization via the work done by our Tech Team to support local organizations and government spread their messages and missions. From the lending of a basic PA to help amplify voices at an event to creating a remote studio set up to safely broadcast the State of the City address and a Common Council meeting complete with a Zoom interface that allowed people to comment in real-time, the Tech Team in 2021 responded to a myriad of ever-changing production asks. With the ability of the Tech Team to host live audio and video for an organization to help stage-manage a completely solar-powered stage and video stream for the Midtown Arts District Awards ceremony, the Tech Team can provide top-tier support for almost any situation.

Solar at RK

Our Community Engagement in Kingston

At Radio Kingston there are so many different ways that we are able to show up and meet the community when it asks. From recording event PSAs and getting the word out to Radio Kingston’s audiences, to members of the staff joining steering committees and organizing in groups comprised of individuals and organizations doing incredible work, we continue to be able to bring events, programming, information sessions and community conversations to our listeners and community members. We are so lucky to be in a position where we can leverage our privilege in order to show up with the support that our Kingston community members and neighbors request.

Erica Brown, Community Engagement Coordinator


What 2022 looks like for Radio Kingston

Moving into 2022, Radio Kingston has several key initiatives we hope to execute including deeper community engagement via a Radio Kingston newsletter. The newsletter will be an opt-in option for people who listen to Radio Kingston and will contain information about community events, highlights and links to shows and archives, and a feedback form so we can hear from Kingston directly.

We plan to launch a new website and an upgraded app with push notifications so listeners can highlight shows they like and be notified when they’re live or when new content is uploaded to the archives.

Community Engagement

We’re launching our underwriting program to give businesses in Kingston the opportunity to let the community know about goods and services that are here while using the income from the program to fund the Radio Kingston Community Fund. The fund will be available to all residents of the Kingston City School District and will provide up to $500 of emergency financial assistance per year.

Partnering with Radio Kingston on the fund will be Family of Woodstock, which has over 50 years of social safety net experience.

Community Projects

Local architect Scott Dutton has designed a space that acknowledges the origins of the building in the early 1950’s as an Atlantic Gas and Oil service station. The building will be fully upgraded and will include an audio and video set up that will allow for live broadcasts and performances of many varieties. 695 will also provide a gathering space for community meetings and could even potentially serve as a recording studio for local talent.


Campus Rendering – Click to Enlarge

Community Solar

Our community solar array at the broadcast tower site is now complete and we are generating electricity back into the Central Hudson grid. We will be allocating those energy credits to several to be determined community partners as we continue to use the resources of Radio Kingston to create a more sustainable city.

tower site

Looking to the Future

Our deep hope for 2022 is a lessening of the impact of the pandemic and a return community accessibility to the Radio Kingston studios and surrounding facilities.

We hope for an opportunity to support more in-person gatherings and conversations, providing music, food, conversation, and community for the city we love.

We hope for a chance in 2022 to continue to be a platform for the many voices of our one community so that we may all better understand one another and that we can find common ground to move together towards a more just, equitable, and loving Kingston.

Jimmy Buff, Executive Director


How We Operate

Operating Expenditures 2021

Operating Expenditures 2021

*detailed information available on Radio Kingston IRS990

Organizations we were honored to partner with:

ARC Mid Hudson

Arts Society of Kingston

Beyond the 4 Walls Outreach

Bike Friendly Kingston

Black History Month Kingston

Center for Creative Education

City of Kingston/Mayor Steve Noble


Hudson River Maritime Museum

Kingston City School District

Kingston Emergency Food Collaborative

Kingston Kiwanis Club

La Guelaguetza

Midtown Arts District

Ministry of MAAT

My Kingston Kids

O+ Festival

People’s Place

QPop Productions

Reher Center for Immigrant Culture & History

Rise Up Kingston

Rosendale Theater

The Blue Fridge at Clinton Avenue Methodist Church

The Kingston Library

Ulster County Italian American Foundation

Ulster County/Executive Pat Ryan


Women’s History Month Kingston

Woodstock Film Festival

YMCA Farm Project


(Some) Events Radio Kingston Supported:


ARC Mid Hudson

O+ Block Party


Arts Society of Kingston

Organizational Membership


Beyond the 4 Walls Outreach

Back to School Donations


Bike Friendly Kingston 

Women’s Bike Fest Sponsorship


Black History Month Kingston

BHMK Sponsorship


Bread and Puppet Theatre

Community Performance


Center for Creative Education

Annual Recital, Hispanic Heritage Celebration, Spread Love – Thanksgiving Event


The City of Kingston

Sound System for Community Stage, Biddy Basketball,

State of the City Address



Juneteenth Sponsorship; Tech Support


Hudson River Maritime Museum

HRMM Barn Tech Sponsorship


Kingston City School District

Board of Education Livestream Interpretation


Kingston Food Coop

Kingston Food Coop Event


La Guelaguetza

Festival Sponsorship (Virtual)


Landmark Place Residents

A RUPCO Property – Holiday Meals & Performers


Ministry of Maåt

Virtual Fundraiser for Pauline Oliveros Film


My Kingston Kids

Halloween Fest – Lighting/Rentals


O+ Positive Festival

Performances, Equipment Rentals, Tech Staff, and Purchases


QPop Productions

Trans Day of Remembrance; Food Sponsorship


Reher Center for Immigrant Culture & History

Kingston Multicultural; Marketing Banners, Audio Installation in Gallery


The Art Life Institute

Queerteenth Sponsorship


The Kingston Library

Tool Library Contributions



Zombie Escape Sponsorship


Ulster County

State of the County Address


Ulster County Coalition for Housing Justice

Breakfast and Coffee for Participants


Wednesday 4 Black Lives

Livestream & Audio Support


Women’s History Month

Women of Color in Education Event


Woodstock Film Festival

Screening at Tech City


YMCA Farm Project

Sojourner Truth Posters


PSAs for Community Organizations
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