TO+NIGHT on the O+ Radio Hour at 8pm on Radio Kingston: Jesse Scherer spends some time with the newest member of the O+ Clinic staff, Dr. Lizette Edge! Dr. Edge is a Board-Certified Family-Practice Physician who strives to provide loving and patient-centered care. She has 10+ years experience working in Hudson Valley hospitals: Ellis Hospital and Kingston Hospital, where she delivered care to individuals from the ER, including being on the ground throughout the entire Covid-19 pandemic. For the last 5 years Dr. Edge has been happy to call Kingston home. For 3 years, Dr. Edge has volunteered with the O+ Festival, an organization that provides a model of care she admires. As we look to the year ahead, Dr. Edge will be leading the way in building the infrastructure of year-round health and wellness access for O+ Alum, with the support of long-time organizational wellness leaders like O+ Festival Clinic Coordinator Jesse Scherer and the whole National Team. During this hour we will also her music from LUELLA, Denetia, Nine Horses, Strange Neighbors and Elwood.